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Welcome to our online prophetic platform

Here you will find

  • courses to introduce you and help you grow in areas such as the prophetic and dream interpretation
  • tools for building prophetic community and stewarding encounters
  • encouragement in your daily walk with the Lord

Be sure to listen to the welcome message by Ben Armstrong

  • Under the Courses and Learning Plans tab go to the "course" entitled "Start Here."
  • Watch the preview video

Browse through each of the courses

  • Courses have a brief description, list of content (videos and written), and additional information

When you are ready to purchase . . .

  • Go to the How to Get Started tab and follow the instructions



Follow these simple instructions to sign up for your prophetic subscription

1. Go to the Subscriptions Catalog tab

2. Choose the monthly plan for $14.99 or annual plan for $149 by clicking on "CHOOSE YOUR PLAN" 

3. Scroll down below the upward pointing arrow which appeared on the bottom after you clicked on one of the plans

4. Click on the unfilled circle to the lefthand side of the line which appears of the bottom of the page to select your plan. A Pay button should appear under the line

5. Click on the Pay button. The Sign In window will appear. Go to the bottom of the window where it says "New user? Register"

6. Click on Register to start the registration process. You have to register yourself before you pay. Fill out all the fields.

7. Press the "Register" button. A Thank You screen will appear as long as your registration was successful.

9. Be sure to go to your email address you have given to click the confirmation link sent by onlinelearning@bethel.com

10. A "Well Done" window will appear prompting you to sign in. Click on the SIGN IN button to login with your username and password you just created

11. You are now on the Payment and Billing page. Fill out the required fields. Check the Agreement box in the lower lefthand corner of the screen. Press CONFIRM YOUR ORDER

12. You are now on the Payment screen where it asks you to fill out your payment information. Click Pay. If successful, the Pay button turns green with a check mark.


You will see the subscription catalog page again, but you are now successfully in our online platform. Congratulations!



1. Go to the main menu by going to the 3 horizontal lines in the upper lefthand corner to the left of our Prophetic Ministry logo.

2. Click on it and a drop down menu will appear. Choose Course catalog

3. Click on it and the course catalog will appear. All of the courses should say "Purchased" 

4. Click on anyone of the courses and click the ENROLL button on the righthand side of the screen. Enroll in as many courses as you have purchased or do one at a time. Each time you enroll, you will have  the option of starting that course immediately by clicking on Start Learning Now.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the courses?

You have access as long as you subscribe. As soon as your subscription ends, you will no longer have access to any of the courses.

Why are your individual courses so expensive?

We really encourage people to subscribe so that they become part of an online community and enjoy ongoing content and connection.

Why should I keep subscribing month after month?

It is our goal to keep adding content on a regular basis. New content may be new courses, classes or conference seminars that we are putting on. We hope to develop an interactive portion where you will hear live from some of our team members on a regular basis. This will be exclusively available to people who subscribe.

Why are the Prophetic Conference and School of the Prophets not available on here?

In the Bethel world not everything is perfect. These conferences are typically videotaped by a different department.

Do you have material available in languages other than English?

Currently, we do not, but we are actively exploring the possibility of getting our material translated into Spanish.

What if I want to share this material with others?

For the benefit of us being able to produce material, we ask that do not share this material outside your immediate family. We don’t expect husbands and wives to have separate subscriptions. However, it costs us time, energy and money to produce this material and if we want to keep producing new content, we need a certain amount of revenue coming in to be able to do this. We hope that you understand this.

How do I know if this is the right level for me?

We try to structure our offerings in such a way that a novice will be able to get sufficient training through our material. However, we have also found over time that even those experienced in the prophetic benefit from the wisdom and perspective offered by the variety of people on our team.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?

If you only subscribe for a month, you’re only putting out $14.99. If you are on a monthly subscription, you can terminate at any point that you want and only owe for that month. Annual subscriptions give you a better monthly rate and you will get new content on a regular basis. We encourage you to consider carefully when choosing your plan.

Will I be informed when a new course or new material is available?

Although we don’t like to send notifications to your email as most of us get more emails than we want, we will probably send you notifications within the online platform.

What if I need to talk to someone about my questions?

As we do not have department personnel sitting behind a desk with a phone on a regular basis, we prefer that you email us at contact@bethelprophetic.com. We will respond to your question as soon as we are able. Please remember that we are not all on the same time zone around the world.

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